To make an official offer for a property marketed by Hootons, please follow the recommended process provided below.

All offers need to made in writing, ideally in the form of an email using the address and subject below:

Subject: ‘Property Name’ Offer

Information that needs to be included:

  • Your personal details
    • Full name
    • Contact details (phone number and email)
    • Company name (if applicable)
  • Intended use
    • What do you plan on using the property for?
    • What products/services do you provide?
    • What are your expected opening hours?
    • Do you require any licences? (e.g. alcohol)
  • Company details
    • Is this an established business or start-up?
    • If established
      • How long have you been operating?
      • Where was your previous premises?
    • Financial details may be required to determine if a deposit is necessary
  • The offer
    • The length of lease you wish to take
    • The annual rent you are proposing
    • Any breaks clauses you would like to include and when
  • Conditions (if any)
    • Any required alterations to the property
    • Alternative start dates