If you are an existing investor or looking to start your own portfolio, Hootons is able to identify opportunities and assist you in the professional services needed to secure a high performing, value added or passive income investment.

As a tangible asset, commercial property offers security for investors that can protect against inflation, currency fluctuations and an erratic stock market. If you are looking to achieve a reliable income and maximise returns, we are here to help.

We can support and advice you from start to finish, identifying on and off the market investment opportunities based on your specific requirements, undertaking relevant research and inspections, negotiating appropriate terms and price, finally through to completion. Being a multi-discipline firm, we are also able to deal with interlinked services, including lettings, management and sales.



  • Identify on and off the market investments
  • Building inspections
  • Negotiation advice
  • Lettings
  • Management